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Each tree, each part of each tree, has its own particular destiny, its own special yearning to be fulfilled - George Nakashima


Thoughtful material sourcing


I source much of my material directly from sawyers and salvage yards. Each piece is hand picked specially for a project, ensuring that the materials used are unique, as well as of the highest quality.

I have a network of small mills and salvage yards across Southern Ontario, so finding the right material for your job is guaranteed. I know the sawyers, and as a result know where the wood comes from, the story it holds, and the beauty that hides within.

Ecologically concious

As a principle, I strive to keep the ecological footprint of my projects small. By sourcing local, using ecologically sensitive materials, and working to minimize waste, I am able to provide a product that clients can feel comfortable knowing has a lower impact on the environment than many big box solutions.

One on one solutions


As a sole proprietor, clients can be assured that I will handle the project from start to finish. In many larger companies clients can get lost and communication becomes broken. 

I also pride myself in being able to work within a budget, without sacrificing quality of the final product. By being aware of a clients budget, alternatives can be suggested with little compromise to the desired end result. 

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